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Amazon highlights benefits of increased voice commerce usage

30 July 2019 - 14:50 by Sarah Collinson

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This week saw Amazon publish its performance figures for the past quarter, with a number of highlights singled out for discussion in its announcement.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect mentioned was the fact that voice search is driving ever more shopping online, both in terms of sales made and when it comes to the devices which now offer Alexa integration.

Amazon’s own voice assistant service has found its way into over 60,000 different gadgets, from smart speakers to cars. This means that people can search and shop on the move as well as while they are at home simply by using voice commands.

This was accelerated by the recent Prime Day sale, which saw Amazon sell more of its own-brand devices than during any other single period. Bringing Alexa to the masses means that a wider audience will be tempted to try out the different features that it offers, all the while driving more sales and user data to Amazon.

Concerns about the privacy associated with using voice search are being addressed through the addition of a feature which lets users set Alexa to either forget the command they just entered, or delete the entire day’s worth of interactions. This is the kind of change that will give people more confidence when using voice to search and shop online.

In addition to analysing its voice commerce performance, Amazon mentioned that it will be rolling out next day delivery across every single item that it stocks, extending the current large but ultimately finite selection.

The logistics of making this a reality are significant, but Amazon has huge resources at its disposal and is signing up ever more Prime subscribers to enable it to justify the substantial investment that is required to achieve this.