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Amazon heads up m-commerce satisfaction study

20 February 2013 - 11:51 by Sarah Collinson

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A new report which asked US consumers to rank various online retailers, based on the quality of the m-commerce experience they offer, has found that Amazon is the current king of mobile convenience.

Analyst firm, ForeSee, assigns a numerical score out of 100 to all of the major companies it covers with its Mobile Satisfaction Index and Amazon's first place position was achieved with a rating of 85.

This put it just ahead of both electronics giant Apple and retail specialist QVC, both of which managed to score 83 out of 100 for safe shopping online on a mobile device.

The analysts asserted that any company that earns 80 points or more is worthy of praise for the superiority of its m-commerce experience.

In 2011 the same survey found that average satisfaction ratings sat at 76, although this increased to 78 over the course of 2012, indicating that retailers are making improvements to their m-commerce platforms that result in greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Just six per cent of those questioned said that the process of safe shopping online begins with going to a retailer's mobile website or dedicated smartphone app. However, if the growth of m-commerce continues, then a much larger portion of consumers might use this as their first port of call.

ForeSee spokesperson, Larry Freed, said that the maturation of the m-commerce market was occurring at a quicker rate even than desktop e-commerce, with impressive levels of adoption being seen in various developed nations.

This survey suggests that many big retailers are managing to keep pace with and even exceed consumer expectations with their m-commerce offerings. And since Amazon is one of the world's largest online retailers, it is good to see it making its mobile shopping services as satisfying as possible.