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Amazon Has An App For That-An iPad App

20 May 2010 - 13:29 by Graham Miller

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Its Kindle e-book reader may be at war with Apple's iPad in the e-commerce book market, but that has not prevented online retail giant Amazon from rolling out its own Amazon app for Apple's iPad. The new app is specifically designed with the iPad in mind, with the idea being that iPad users can take advantage of the app to head to the Amazon store and do their safe shopping online.

The dimensions of the iPad's screen have been factored into the app's design, in order to make browsing Amazon through the iPad as easy as possible. The app allows access to familiar Amazon features, including Amazon Prime and Amazon's one-click ordering system to make safe shopping online using the iPad device as simple as possible.

iPad users can not only use the app to conduct product searches but they can also track the delivery status of goods that they have already ordered, checking as to how long they will have to wait for their purchases whilst on the move. Other Amazon features, such as the ability to read and write reviews and to browse the recommendations of other consumers through Amazon's user-driven lists, are also present and correct on the new app. The app should appeal to Amazon consumers, particularly as it is free of charge. You can download the app now from the app store.

Amazon is renowned as being one of the world's most successful online stores, selling a huge range of items from books to CDs, electronic goods to toys. Amazon is far from being the first online retailer is offer an app of this type, with auction giant eBay already featuring on the app store. As mobile commerce continues to grow at a meteoric rate, we can expect similar offerings from other major retailers.