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Amazon comes out on top for customer satisfaction

23 January 2017 - 14:27 by Graham Miller

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Last week e-commerce giant, Amazon, celebrated the fact that it had ranked first in a survey looking at customer satisfaction across the retail industry by offering its customers a £10 discount on orders of £50 or more.

While the promotional offer was only available for a 24 hour period, which has since expired, it was an interesting concept and one which helped to reinforce why this company is more popular than any other which offers safe shopping online in the UK.

The UK Institute of Customer Service conducted the study, taking responses from more than 10,000 people across the country to come up with a comprehensive list of the retailers that are especially adept at dealing with problems encountered by their customers.

This achievement is especially impressive, given that Amazon tends to respond to questions and complaints via digital communications, although it does have a help line in place for customers who prefer to deal with issues over the phone.

Amazon spokesperson, Doug Gurr, said that it was heartening to be able to kick start 2017 with some good news. He also said that his firm would not be resting on its laurels, but would continue to invest cash to help enhance the experience of safe shopping online for customers in the UK and worldwide.

Even without the opportunity to use a discount code, Amazon prides itself on being able to undercut high street retailers on price. However, in the past year it has also come under scrutiny because of its use of algorithms which automatically adjust the prices of products depending on a range of factors, which can lead to occasionally wild fluctuations that leave some shoppers out of pocket.

High street retailers often argue that the human element is what gives them the advantage over their online-only counterparts. But Amazon is clearly getting something right.