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Amazon Announces Prime Day Plans

25 June 2019 - 22:18 by Graham Miller

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Next month will see the return of Prime Day, an event which Amazon holds annually in order to promote its subscription-based solution that covers safe shopping online as well as a range of other services.

Over the course of the 15th of July, Amazon will be running a full 48 hours of exclusive offers and discounts that are only available to people who are Prime members.

Confirming details of the event, company spokesperson Jeff Wilde said that in excess of a million different bargains would be made available to celebrate Prime Day 2019, covering both tangible items that can be shipped to customers’ homes as well as digital purchases which are accessible via download.

It is anticipated that steep price cuts for Amazon’s range of Echo smart speakers, as well as its branded tablets and other devices, will be rolled out. It is also partnering with a number of third party brands to promote everything from home and beauty products to electronics and more.

Amazon is also emphasising the fact that it is working with a wider range of less well-known brands and outlets in order to give their sales a boost, so discounts should be available on many of the more obscure product ranges that are found on its marketplace.

Another aspect of Prime Day which is going to be re-emphasised this year is the time-limited deals that are set to get customers clicking quickly in tiny time frames. This kind of incentivising of online shopping is very effective and can help to fuel impulse purchases.

Even a Prime subscription is likely to fall in price as part of a way to attract people to sign up, so Prime Day’s impact will be felt far and wide across retail in the UK and elsewhere.