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Amazon announces opening of real world book store

09 November 2015 - 10:09 by Graham Miller

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Amazon began life as an early proponent of safe shopping online, initially selling books but soon expanding its offerings to include an increasingly vast range of products. And yet in 2015, more than two decades after its foundation, the retailer has entered the bricks and mortar market, with a book outlet opening in Seattle, according to the Guardian.

Those who have visited Amazon’s real world book store have pointed out that it is largely similar to other major outlets of this kind, meaning that the layout and ethos echoes that of retailers like Waterstones. But there are some hints that show the web-based origins of the company behind it, including the fact that there are displays dedicated to showcasing books which have received high star ratings from Amazon’s e-commerce customers.

In fact, Amazon has already said that the store is, effectively, a customer-curated collection of novels and works of fact, with books chosen to appear based on their review scores, sales figures and popularity amongst members of staff.

Company spokesperson, Jennifer Cast, said that the opening of a real world book store was an innovative addition to Amazon’s existing online arsenal of services, arguing that by presenting books on shelves rather than via safe shopping online, people can discover titles in new ways.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all of the reviews that are attached to the books on the shelves are positive and there have been crowds of visitors to the store who have simply wanted to see what Amazon has decided to do with its first bricks and mortar endeavour. But the retailer reports that curiosity is not the only thing bringing people through the door, as customers are also buying books during their visits, perhaps prompting Amazon to consider opening more outlets in the future.