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Rare London

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A directional and inspirational brand selling designer and fashion clothing and accessories, heavily influenced by the catwalks of Europe.

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    melanie said:
    I returned 2 parcels to Rare to the value of £124.60 13/08/16, 35 days ago. I have yet to receive a refund. I have sent numerous emails to Rare to chase this up and get the same response every time 'we do not confirm receipt of a parcel...' I keep asking someone to investigate further for me but have not had a response to this. I returned 2 other parcels the same day to and refund was in my account 16/09/16, 3 days later!!! How can Rare think its acceptable to hold on to my money for this long? I feel at this stage they have no intention of refunding me for the items I've returned and that Rare London are in fact thieves and are purposely committing fraud against their customers. I have never had a problem like this before in all the years of ordering online. Their customer service is absolutely atrocious, to just keep telling me to wait, sending the same generic email while they steal over £100.00 from me, a customer. STAY AWAY, ABSOLUTE SCAM!!!!
    Published on 19 October 2016
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    Winnie said:
    No customer services contact number. You fill an online form and they get back to you in 3 days. Bought my outfits for a holiday for next day delivery (platinum service). This was done early morning around 1am on the 26th so I would expect delivery on the 27th by noon. I had booked a holiday starting on Friday 28th. And last minute decisions made me opt for some cute little outfits for my holiday, you know how girls like this dress up thing. Worst thing is I wake up to an email saying delivery would be on Saturday 29th. Why they took my money and promised services they can't provide, I have no clue. If there was no next day delivery option I would have bought from a different shop as there is many other shops like rare. I wasn't going for specific outfits that I can't find in any other shop. So now that they have done this to me there is no way I can buy from any other shops as they have taken money out of my account. Had I known this next day delivery thing is a lie I would have bought from another shop that would provide services promised and paid for. Don't bother buying from rare
    Published on 26 August 2015
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    Shannon said:
    I will not give a star to this company. well I wish I would have read reviews prior to purchasing from this company. They are rip off artits in true form. They advertise garmets in sizes then ship to you a size not close. Well I spent 134. In US dollars and now stuck with no refund. I paid with a PayPal account however nothing. I send countless emails and get the same bs reply, they can't see what the wearhouse is doing and I'll get a response when my refund has been processed. Well I shipped via usps, paid out of my pocket 38.00 US dollars to send back, with a tracking code 11/3. It's been there a week. I emailed them a week ago. No reply, emailed yesterday no reply. Opened a paypal claim. I get today same email, can't see anything in wearhouse , unable to see your item is return this is why we tell you to ship with receipt. Dah! Omg do not do business with these scammers. Steal your money. Horrible customer service.
    Published on 25 November 2014
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